UELMA Service Project 2020

Panguitch High School is located in Garfield County, Utah. This is one of the more remote towns in Southern Utah, it is designated as a “frontier town”, with only one traffic light in the whole county! The county’s economy has struggled as timber and farming jobs have disappeared. This area is the gateway to Bryce Canyon and depends on tourism to sustain the economy. This has made it difficult for the school district to operate financially, and one area of impact has been the library. It has not been staffed for several years. The teachers and students at this school are rugged pioneers and have been making the best of it. They use the old pocket card system and student honor system, so students still have access to books, but nothing has been added to the library.

At this point, the school has involved the teachers, Student Council, Trustlands Committee and others to create plans for a “new” library that will meet the students’ needs for years to come. They have procured funding to order new shelving and hire a librarian, but could really use the help from our UELMA Librarians!

This school would love to have 7-12th grade fiction books to offer their students. You can donate a book at our UELMA Conference March 6 or donate the funds to buy a book or two.

Ways you can help!
Contact Chris Haught-chris@sedck12.org and I’ll pick them up
Donate books at the information table, be sure to fill out the bookplate.
Donate cash during lunch, we’ll pass the hat.
Donate at Donors Choose, use the code “liftoff” to double your donation!
Thank you!

This is what the students have designed!

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Chris is the Media mentor at SouthWest Educational Development Center, a Regional Service Center that supports the schools in the Southern Utah area,