Service Projects

Each year UELMA helps a Library in need. Due to our title it needs to be a public (or charter) school. It can be Elementary, Secondary or K-12. We have not had a classroom teacher apply but the bottom line is to get, keep and encourage Utah students to read.

If you know of a Library in need please let our 500+ members help with funds, books, or other support as requested. We award a Library in need each year at our annual conference in May. Please click here and use this link to nominate a Library in need. See below for our past posts on Service Projects.

Do you need service? Or know of someone who does – or a library that is need? It could be as simple as requesting books or money to purchase your own furniture. It could be moving, or removing items. You name it and we could help. Service Awards are announced annually at our UELMA conference held as close to the 2nd week of March as we can! Let us know of any needs that we could help out with by filling out this form. or the one below.