The Lonely Librarian-a world of desperate isolation

emilee head shotAs a charter school librarian I often feel isolated and alone.  I don’t have a district meeting to attend I have no other librarians with which to collaborate.  I know I learned how to weed and build a curriculum during my library endorsement but learning and hands on are a different story.   I am eternally grateful for UELMA.  It has given me a place to ask questions, learn skills and make friends with other librarians.   If you are a lonely librarian such as I, or you know other librarians who might feel lonely please reach out to me at

Also please introduce them to our lovely organization of UELMA.  Our focus on the board is to reach out and let you know we are not alone but also give you resources to make you a better librarian regardless of your schooling or previous background.  I love what I do and want to be able to share and collaborate with amazing teacher librarians like you.  Thank you for promoting a love of learning.   I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Lonely Librarian Part II (updated May 2018)

A big thanks to all the charter school librarians who came to our break out session at UELMA.  It was nice to talk as a group about the excitements and also the concerns of being a charter school librarian.  We find ourselves in a unique situation wishing there was more ways to collaborate and talk with other librarians.  For starters we have a group email going where we can talk to each other and ask questions. If you would like to be included in this group email please email  We hope to start meeting quarterly to collaborate and hope to look at other methods to reach out. In the meantime if you feel like you need more support charter school librarian or not reach out we’ve got your back.  

-Emilee McCoy

Written By Emilee McCoy

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