Jenny Olsen

Reading is my passion and my work over the past twenty-four years is a reflection of that. I taught English Language Arts for twelve years, and then spent a pivotal year in the Canyons School District offices. There I worked with ELA and Social Studies teachers. It was a year filled with much learning for me. Over these years, I expanded that learning with a Masters in Business Administration and a teaching endorsement in library media. I first began as a school librarian at Alta High, where I transformed the school library into a welcoming, inclusive and academic space. During my ten years there, I served as a liaison with ELA teachers, on my school’s Building Leadership Team, managed a library staff, genrefied a large library collection, built and managed the school website, ran a school-wide advisory program, and began and grew a successful book club. This year I switched schools and am the teacher librarian at Hillcrest High. I love the new challenge. Each school has its own advantages and challenges. I love working with diverse students and teaching on a regular basis. It has been an excellent change and I am excited to continue to grow in my craft.

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