Service Project 2018

Update May 2018

UELMA 2018 Service Project Recap

The service project chosen for the 2018 UELMA Conference focused on the Delta North Elementary School library in Delta, Utah. According to Betsy Lee, school librarian, the library shelves were in a state of disrepair due to weakened particle board shelves. The shelves were overcrowded and collapsing which became a hazard to students and library staff. As a result, library book trucks were used as replacement bookshelves.

Delna Bliss, principal of Delta North Elementary wrote in their thank you letter, “Your kind gesture will help us fix our shelves that are in bad need of repair. Thank you for thinking of rural schools. It is a great feeling to know you recognize our needs and are willing to help. The superintendent is aware of your generous donation and is also appreciative.” Through the generosity of UELMA members, a total $767.20 was donated to their library.


Thanks to the generosity and giving spirit of all the UELMA members, $767.20 was raised for the service project at Delta North Elementary! We so appreciate the camaraderie and support that is shown by all members!


The Delta North Elementary School was built in 1993. The shelving in the library is from the original build out. The weight of the books, combined with gaps between the shelves and the side of the bookshelves, are causing the the peg holes to tear out the particle board and weakening shelf support. This can be dangerous. When moving books, whether removing or reshelving, the shelves often fall. Adjustment of the shelves does help, but there isn’t much leeway available due to book size. Moving the shelves helps with this situation, however doing so causes another issue. It puts the books too high for the students to see titles well and makes it difficult for them to remove and replace the books. I have concern for my students safety. Currently there are two carts used as shelves for thin paperback books. An alternative shelving unit would facilitate better accessibility to the books.  I really want the library to be a place of learning, adventure, and exploration for the students. Having the shelves replaced or repaired will provide a greater opportunity for students to expand their horizons by creating an efficient and safe atmosphere for learning engagement.  

Thank you for considering the Delta North Elementary library as a recipient for your service project.


Betsy Lee

Delta North Elementary School Librarian

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