Covid Opening

As we begin to open our school libraries what are your plans? If your district is missing please click here to submit your district information on the opening of your school libraries. This page is in theory to help each other with our ideas and/or district plans. The Links may be hard to identify so I added a (*) for those who responded to our request.

  • Alpine
  • Beaver
  • Box Elder
  • Cache
  • *Canyons
  • Carbon
  • Daggett
  • Davis
  • Duchesne
  • Emery
  • Garfield
  • *Granite
    El / Sec.
  • Iron
  • *Jordan
  • Juab
  • Kane
  • Logan
  • Millard
  • Morgan
  • Murray
  • Nebo
  • North Sanpete
  • North Summit
  • *Ogden
  • Park City
  • Piute
  • Provo
  • Rich
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Juan
  • Sevier
  • South Sanpete
  • South Summit
  • Tintic
  • Tooele
  • Uintah
  • Wasatch
  • Washington
  • Wayne
  • Weber

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Opening Covid-style

Assuming schools open this August… what are your plans in YOUR school library. I’ve been thinking about some questions and am not sure how to share them so it will be whatever is below! I don’t think UELMA has a legal right to recommend or say what to do but many of us have the same questions – so let’s discuss them! The list is numbered so you can comment according to the number. (Not in any particular order!)

  1. Are you making the decisions or is your administration or district?
  2. If returned books need to be quarantined for 3-4 days, how are you doing that? Or do you have other plans?
  3. Can patrons do holds and/or “curbside” pick-up somewhere?
  4. Will you limit the number of students in the library?
  5. Limit number of students at a table?
  6. Yes, masks are required but will it be just another dress code item not followed?
    • will you have the “power” to kick them out of your space?
    • will anyone!?
  7. Do you have social distance signage?
  8. Do you manage your technology – are you going 1:1?
  9. Do you have plexi-shields around your checkout area?
  10. Is your library space going to be used as a classroom?
  11. What is missing?

Upcoming Webinar

Links to the best resources.

I could have listed many more – but all seem to originate from one of these 3 sources!

Please comment on your plans here on the website or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.